Rental Conversion to Ownership (Main Subscription Minimum)

?If you are renting a property (Flat, House, Townhouse etc).In effect you are a bond for someone with no cumulative gain at the End.

  • Raising Finance
  • Building Credit Profile for Subscribers
  • Building / Buying Properties

So that rentals are converted to rent to own scheme.

Rent to Own

Housing and home ownership are a big problem due to a number of reasons i.e.

  • Unemployment (Not having regular income or not in gainful employment)
  • Employed but not earning enough to qualify for a home loan
  • Not creditworthy – Employed or having regular income but having a bad credit record (Not paying your accounts/creditors)

This then leads to

  • Many renting properties at the same rates of servicing a bond without accumulation of ownership
  • Renting properties at exorbitant prices
  • Building of informal settlements and squalor
  • Homes being overpopulated etc.

Combinz has come with a solution suitable to all in that it is a combination of both rental and ownership with the only requirements being

  • Subscriber for at least six months
  • Uninterrupted subscription payments for at least six months
  • Monthly subscriptions up to date

Who qualifies?

Any subscriber who satisfies the requirements above

Who qualifies?

Any subscriber who satisfies the requirements above

How long will it take?

Combinz will be raising capital on a continuous basis to fund property acquisitions. Funding will be allocated in chronological order as per the list and the satisfaction of requirements

Do I choose my own property?

Yes. You identify the property that you want and Combinz will purchase the property for you

How much will the repayment amount be and for how long?

Same as banks for homeloans