ID Verification and Protection


1.Going to Edgars to open an account and being told that you already have an account and it is owing R7200 yet you know very well that you don’t have an account at or with Edgars.

2. Knowing that you have R23 400 in in your bank account and you have an emergency that requires funds. You try to withdraw funds from your account and you are told that you have no funds yet you know very well that you did not withdraw any funds from your account(If this can be fixed how long will it take you and the bank to fix that)

3. Applying for Finance (Home Loan, Vehicle Finance, Cash etc) at an institution and when ITC check is done you are told that you have negative credit listing (Listed in the Credit Bureau) for failing to pay your accounts (which you do not have or are up to date ) and therefore you cannot be granted finance.

4. Going to Britain for the first time in your life and when you arrive at Heathrow Airport you get arrested because sometimes ago in Britain somebody purporting to be you did something wrong using your Identity.



1. Is keeping my ID book safe at all times adequate? No and why?

There are many ways to compromise your ID details i.e.

i. When opening accounts

ii. Filling application forms

iii. Intercepting mail

iv. Having a car registered in your name

2. Are you absolutely sure that at all times nothing is happening with your ID i.e.

i. That no one is marrying you without your consent or knowledge

ii. No one is using your name to incur debts

3. Do you know what is happening with your ID in say China, Nigeria, USA or elsewhere?


Article Dated: 9 December 2010 | Daily Sun Newspaper


By Noluvuyo Mkhetho

His Debts are piling up into a mountain – and furniture stores, cellphone companies and loan sharks are after him. He’s victim of identity theft. Moferefere Mkabane (46), an artisan and family man, told Daily Sun: I lost my ID at work in 2004 and asked the guy I shared a locker with to bring it back. I knew he’d taken it but he said he’d not seen it. “I made another copy, thinking my worries were over. But in September that year my bosses told me they got a loan application with a fake pay slip and my full details.” The application, which was declined, was real and all was his except the ID photo. A fraudster had used his details to open a furniture account for R30 000, to take out an R8000 cash loan and a cellphone contract with a debt of R3000. “ I went to Home Affairs to find out what had happened to my ID, “ He told Daily Sun, “ and found out the fraudsters fingerprints were not taken, yet he was issued with my ID.”

Wherever he goes he’s told of debts he has incurred, as if he’s a fraudster. Warrant Officer Kinnie Steyn said: “The case is being used to educate people about identity theft.” Anyone with information call Warrant Officer Sticks Motsoeneng on 016 910 9000.


What Constitutes an ID?

  • ID of any Country Permanent or Temporary
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate

Why Protection and Verification?

  • Fraud is the biggest and most problematic crime in the world (all countries)
  • It affects individuals and organizations
  • It causes insurance premiums to spiral/rise
  • It Inconveniences
  • COMBINZ protects and verifies ID’S.
  • The Protection is worldwide
  • Even if you lose your ID no one would be able to use it anywhere in the world
  • If you are registered with COMBINZ you will be rest assured that your ID will be safe 24/7.

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