Tips on how to build your network

Step 1

Register with Combinz @ and pay your subscription fee to be able to benefit immediately.

After registering go to step 2

Step 2

Compile a list of all the individuals you know

  • I. Start with your family and relatives
  • II. The contact list on your phone

Step 3

Register them on Combinz and be their sponsor.

1. Individual

  • i. Register them with their names, cell numbers and e-mail addresses. Then send them sms’s telling them that you have registered and their registration details i.e.

    ie. (a) Username

    (b) Pin/Password

    (c) Reference/Account Number

  • ii. Direct them to the website and tell them to check and go through it.
  • iii. If they are interested to pay their subscription fee and if not interested then no harm done because you register for free.

Unpacking the Rewards Program

Rewards for subscribing

The Rewards program is designed to reward subscribers for subscribing

How are subscribers rewarded for subscribing?

  • Octopus-3 – Through spillovers your network will grow and rewards will flow
  • Revolving Matrix – Through graduations that are not conditional
  • Revolving Matrix – Through Sponsorship

Rewards for Marketing

The Rewards program is designed to reward subscribers for marketing the company and its services

  • Octopus-3 – The more subscribers you introduce the faster your network grows and the more earnings you derive
  • Revolving Matrix Boards – The more subscribers you introduce the faster you will graduate and earn enormous amounts
  • Sponsorship – It is designed to reward those who market the company and its services


The Rewards program is designed to be easily manipulated / adapted to achieve any goal or purpose

  • Augmenting your salary if you are employed
  • Creating income (regular) for the unemployed
  • Creating employment
  • Multiply your earnings through multiple subscriptions
  • Earning and building income from an early age through group subscriptions or mainstream subscriptions i.e. Learners in a particular class deciding to subscribe as a class and as individuals
  • Building successful and lifelong communities by subscribing as an organisation i.e. society or Stokvel. Earnings will be derived for life and they will tie you for life as a community etc.


Identify an opportunity

Timing is everything

Attend Presentations

Celebrating Success

Subscribe Now