Why the Matrix system?

  • It’s exciting
  • It’s fast paced
  • You write your own cheque
  • Always follow the Sponsor

Follow The Sponsor

Follow - the – Sponsor system insures that your box moves as fast as you want by sponsoring unlimited number of people that you can. All the subscribers you Sponsor will always follow you to whichever boards (Booster, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Presidential, Twenty, Turbo and Supersonic) you move to.

Spillover System

Spillovers help you succeed even if you are unable to Sponsor others by connecting sponsored subscribers to others including you .This ensures your success with team support and helps you graduate faster and move faster within boards.

Pays till infinity, No Ceiling, No Capping, No Cut-Offs, No Limits

Who should subscribe?

  • Individuals
  • Towns/ Cities
  • Suburbs / Industrial Areas/CBD’s
  • Townships/Locations
  • Streets/Residential Complexes
  • Streets/Residential Complexes (Periodical)
  • Households
  • Schools/Universities/Creches/Educational Institutions
  • Schools/Universities/Creches/Educational Institutions (Periodical)
  • Classes/Courses
  • Religious Institutions
  • Religious Institutions (Periodical)
  • Religious Women’s Organisations
  • Religious Men’s Organisations
  • Religious Youth Organisations
  • Religious Children’s Organisations
  • Religious Choirs
  • Business Complexes/Shops/Offices
  • Business Complexes/Shops/Offices (Periodical)
  • Employer (Businesses/Organisations)
  • Employer (Businesses/Organisations) - (Periodical)
  • Employees Organisations
  • Organisations (Societies/Stokvels)

When Should I Subscribe?

Join Now

In Success Timing is everything

  • Right Place
  • Right Time
  • Right Platform
  • Right Decision
  • Right Way

With Combinz, Timing is Perfect

“The Poor The Unsuccessful, The Unhappy, The Unhealthy are the ones who use the word “Tomorrow” the most smart people don’t work, they just do things which other people delay doing”

How / where should I subscribe?

  • Go to www.combinz.com and fill in a registration form for free
  • Deposit money at the bank using the banking account details to buy points (Combinz) and pay subscriptions.