Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Question 1: How much do I need to subscribe?

Answer: 20, 100, 150, 500, 1 500 or 10 000 Points

Question 2: If I subscribe for 20, 100, 150, 500, 1 500 or 10 000 Points (once off) a month and I fail to pay my monthly subscriptions what is going to happen?

Answer: You will continue benefiting from Revolving Matrix Boards

Question 3: Why should I pay my monthly subscriptions?

Answer: To qualify for Octopus-3, Funeral Assist, Educator and Sponsorship.

Question 4: When can I start earning from the Rewards program?

Answer: From day 1 from Graduations on the Revolving Matrix Boards

Question 5: If I introduce a subscriber how do I benefit from that introduction?

Answer: By earning from Sponsorship

Question 6: Is it a must that I introduce others?

Answer:. No

Question 7: If I don’t introduce others will I still benefit from the Rewards program?

Answer: Yes from Octopus -3 through spillovers and Revolving Matrix Boards through graduations

Question 8: Why should I introduce other subscribers if I can benefit without introducing others?

Answer: To build your Octopus -3 network faster, to quickly graduate from the Revolving Matrix boards & to be a sponsor.

Question 9: Are multiple subscriptions allowed?

Answer: Yes

Question 10: How beneficial are multiple subscriptions?

Answer: You earn as an individual, as an employee, as a member of a household, as member of a society/stokvel, as a congregant and also share equally from the earnings of the respective groups.