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Compensation Plan

  • Octopus Matrix
  • Revolving Matrix
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  • Octopus Matrix
  • Main
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Why the Matrix system?

  • t’s exciting
  • It’s fast paced
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Is This You

  • Time is money
  • I love being convenient
  • I am not satisfied with my current financial situation
  • I want a better life for myself and my family
  • I want to earn extra income
  • I am ambitious
  • I have many friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances
  • I know the names of many companies, streets and malls
  • I want to make the “Right Financial Decisions”

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*For R20, R100, R150, R250, R500 or R10 000 YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE 4 THE BETTER*

Right Financial Decision Making is Key to Your Success

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