User Guide

  • After being registered you will receive an email from
  • The email will have the following

I. User name

II. User ID

III. Password

IV. Your website address which will be like yourusername

  • What are you supposed to do


Click on and then click on member LOGIN


Go to www.combinz/yourusername then click LOGIN which is between HOME and USER ID

Fill-in the Username and Password then Login

A question will appear

  • Have you registered your ID

Answer- NO

  • Do you want to register

Answer- NOW or LATER


A table will appear and then you click Profile on that table.

When you click Profile a List will appear and on that list you click “Main Password” and then you will see a table under password change

Then on Old Password you put the Password You Were Given and put the (New) Password you want and click change


After that you go back to profile and

  • Click on profile to update
  • Click on telecoms directory (DREPPA.COM)

(Note-only fill-in the informationt hat you want to appear on the directory.)

Everything that you to do update you go profile area

SNo Name No. of shares Town or City
1 Motvest 2.00 999
Sorry! No Records Found.